Rocketeer 0.2

Advanced remote process launcher, watchdog and manager

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jaka Hudoklin
ROOT \ Utilities
Rocketeer is very smart remote process launcher, manager and watchdog app. It has abilty to start user commands from templates, to which you can pass parameters, to controle those processes and parse statuses. The main power is remote xml-rpc interface.


This app works with python2.7, i didn't test with other python versions.

- Install newest stable ffmpeg from git with whatever support you want.
- Install liblirc if you want to control streams with your remote.
- python install


There are two cli commands(add --help for more info):

- pstream3d - xml-rpc app server.
- pstream3_client - command line client for server.
- pstream3_client_lirc - lirc client for server.


Interface is xml-rpc on whatever port and host you set to daemon.

You can access it on url "http://host:port/"

First you should create app from list of avalible apps. You can get list of avalible apps with GetApps. Then you can create app using CreateApp and it will return instance id of newly created app. You can get all app instances using GetAppInstances. You can destroy instance using DestroyInstance or to destroy all instances, call DestroyInstances.

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You can access any instance you created on uri "http://host:port/instance_id/". You can get app status using GetAppStatus, which returns list of status vars, like fps, time,... You can get app run status you can call GetAppRunStatus, which returns 0 for stopped, 1 for running, 2 for error, 3 for ended and 4 for unknown. Of course you can start app using StartApp and stop using StopApp. To get app value call GetAppValue and to set one call SetAppValue. The only usefull value right now is auto_restart set to one. This values gets also passed to templates.

if you want to know more open

How to create new app template:

Go to templates folder and you can see and sample_template.tpl. In your py file you define what varibales get passed to template, and in tpl file is template. It is based on mustache templating engine. You must remember that init function of template gets values you set using SetAppValue as key value.

You must also register your newly created app in, using RegisterApp.

Last updated on November 18th, 2011


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