Reverse Shell

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Reverse Shell is used along a tunnel created with a Secure/Remote shell program.




Reverse Shell is used along a tunnel created with a Secure and Remote shell program.

After a tunnel is created, commands and/or interactive shells can be launched back from the tunnel destination machine to the tunnel originating machine with the tunnel creator's credentials.


Is is quite easy to weaken the security of your network with this
tool (like make holes to a firewall). Know what you are doing
when using this tool.


Usage: revsh [-d] [-l username] host command

With command `shell' interactive shell session is started. If 'host' is ssh2, ssh, lsh or rsh, then that "host" is used as tunnel creation command instead and rest of the arguments are given to that command (-l username is then in format -l user[@host]).

The option -d is only used with tunnel creation command; program goes background after tunnel successfully created.

Read ssh2(1), ssh(1), lsh(1), rsh(1) manual pages for companion information.

What's New in This Release:

· Changed paths:
· M /main/projects/revsh/revsh-tunnel-gui.c
· Activate scroll idle function only once before used.
· Make terminal input entry text invisible to avoid caching passwords (maemo).
· Clean remote and user fields if "identification" line is activated (maemo).
· Could not get osso_initialize() to work. escape hax enabled again (maemo).
Last updated on September 21st, 2007

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