Rarian 0.8.0

Rarian is designed to be a replacement for scrollkeeper.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 17
Don Scorgie
ROOT \ Utilities
Rarian is designed to be a replacement for scrollkeeper. The project is currently undergoing heavy development. As of writing, rarian can be installed in place of scrollkeeper and everything will work okay (as far as my testing indicates)

The package consists of several things:

* The librarian library
- This builds a list of available meta data files and allows access to these.

* The rarian-sk-update script
- This is compatible with the scrollkeeper-update script that's required to be run when installing new omf files. It converts the omf files into new-style scrolls

* The rarian-sk-migrate program
- Takes in a directory full of omf's, reads and parses them and spews out an equivalent scroll file. You probably don't want to use this directly. Instead, copy the omf directory to you're standard omf dir and run the update script.

* The rarian-example program
- Shows off what librarian is capable of. Prints a nice list of all available documents found by the library.

* Misc. rarian-sk-* scripts
- These emulate various functions of scrollkeeper as needed to maintain backwards-compatibility.

This package (the library part, at least) is based on the proposed Freedesktop Help System spec. The latest version of this spec can be found in the "help" subdirectory of this package.

Last updated on March 9th, 2008

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