Quickey 1.0

Quickey is a quick keyword entry program.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 21
Ryan Pavlik
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Quickey is a little application for quick keyword entry. From a user perspective, it allows one to type a phrase such as "dict foo" and look up the word "foo", enter a URL, or the like. It automatically inserts the X selection, so one can hilight a word, pop up the Quickey window, and simply type the keyword to apply.

A number of keywords generate links to websites, passed to Mozilla (or Firebird). (KDE users, see below under TODO.) In fact, the Mozilla plugin was the original focus of Quickey. However, as it develops, it's likely many new keywords will call regular
applications as well. Here is a summary of many of the included keyword plugins:

Commands - The syntax "!xterm -fg white -bg black" runs a command.

Mozilla - This parses Mozilla/Firebird keywords from bookmarks.html, and allows them to be used directly, sending the request to Mozilla/Firebird. There are a few subclasses which do slightly more complex parsing as well.

In addition, this plugin handles http and ftp URLs.

ROX - This is a simple plugin which opens a ROX window given a path.

Bookmark - This allows you to bookmark other keyword phrases, for instance, assigning "email" to '!mymailclient -send %s', so specifying 'email foo@bar.com' opens a window with 'foo@bar.com' in the To: field. Also potentially useful for URLs.

From a developer's perspective, it provides a modular, pluggable system for handling keywords. Adding custom handlers to call Mozilla, for instance, is very easy.


ruby 1.8.1
gtk2, libglade-2
ruby/gtk2, ruby/libglade

Note: The ruby/libglade package is part of the ruby/gnome package. However, one does not need to install anything in the ruby/gnome package except the libglade module.


De-Compress archive and enter its top directory.

Then type:

$ ruby install.rb config
$ ruby install.rb setup
($ su)
# ruby install.rb install

You can also install files into your favorite directory by supplying install.rb some options. Try "ruby install.rb --help".


After installing, assign 'quickey' to a global hotkey in your window manager. Additionally, it's helpful to make this window get the focus when mapped, if that isn't the default behavior. Otherwise, you'll have additional clicking to do.

For first time users, it's necessary to add the desired keyword handlers. Do this by clicking on the "..." button to bring up the configuration dialog, and then click "Add". This dialog will allow you to specify the handlers you desire.

Once you have selected and added these, you should see the keywords list populated. If you do not have any existing Mozilla keywords, there is an included bookmarks.html file which you may import. It provides a good starting place.

Now that your keywords are configured, you can pop up the Quickey window at any time and enter a keyword phrase, or hilight a selection prior to activation, and then merely enter a keyword. For details on each handler, select the handler from the configuration dialog and press the Info button.

Last updated on April 2nd, 2005

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