QJoyPad 3.4.1

QJoyPad project is a program that converts joystick events to keyboard input.
QJoyPad project is a program that converts joystick events to keyboard input.

QJoyPad is a Qt program that converts joystick/gamepad input into key presses or mouse actions in the X Window System, allowing the user to control any program with their joystick.

This lets you play all those games that for some reason don't have joystick support with your joystick.

QJoyPad also gives you the advantage of multiple saved layouts so you can have a separate setting for every game, or for every class of game!

That way you can play your games the way you want, not the way the programmers decided, and you can have the same button be "fire" in every one of your space fighters.

QJoyPad gives you the freedom and flexibility to really take advantage of gaming devices in Linux, and makes the Linux gaming experience just a little bit nicer.

Main features:

  • Incorporates your gaming devices into any XWindows program
  • Move and click the mouse with your joystick
  • Auto-detects how many joysticks you have and how many buttons and axes each supports
  • Can detect joystick devices on the fly without restarting
  • Support for devices with more than two axes
  • Save as many layouts as you want and switch between them quickly
  • Swap layouts on the fly from the command line or from a script
  • Share layout files with your friends or even edit them by hand for greater control
  • Color cues quickly show you which buttons you're pressing and which joystick you're using
  • Set or reset all the keys at once in a flash
  • Adjust the sensitivity of every axis independently
  • Quietly hides in your system tray, running in the background without taking up space
  • For window managers without a system tray, QJoyPad can run without the tray icon.
  • Make an axis "Gradient" so that a light push does a little and a harder push does more
  • Support for throttle controls
  • Make a button "Sticky" if you don't feel like holding it down all the time
  • Turn on Rapid Fire so you don't wear out your gamepad!
  • Supports DVORAK keyboards and other unusual key layouts

last updated on:
November 14th, 2006, 13:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Nathan Gaylinn
ROOT \ Utilities
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