Powersave 0.14.0

Powersave project is a powersave daemon for laptops.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Powersave Team
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Powersave project was mainly intended for laptops. However more and more features (proper suspend/standby, configure ACPI Buttons, processor frequency scaling (also supported on multi processor machines), spinning down the hard disk, thermal management, ...) became available for workstations and even on servers.

This package unifies the control of power managing facilities on your PC. It supports hardware based on ACPI, APM, IDE-disks and CPU frequency scaling techniques. It takes over functionalities of the APMD, ACPID, OSPMD and CPUFREQD (now called CPUSPEED) packages.

Therefore you should not install at least you must not run daemons from these packages when you run the powersave daemon!

If your PC does not contain all of the described hardware above (APM and ACPI are mutal exclusive) you should still run this daemon to manage power saving related tasks.

The overhead is small and you will be provided with a unique interface and configuration environment. And you can still use this tool if some hardware should change (e.g. booting ACPI instead of APM when kernel provides better ACPI support). The daemon will automatically detect your hardware and support available features.

Here are some key features of "Powersave":

Four predefined powersave schemes, each providing different settings which are fully configurable. Adding of customized schemes is also possible. The current scheme is automatically switched depending on the current power source.
Full support for cpu frequency scaling, either through kernel (ondemand governor) or within userspace. There are three predefined cpu policies.
Battery management. This includes warning the admin/user when a critical battery state is reached and automatic shut down of the system on specific events (fully configurable).
Supporting Suspend to disk, Suspend to and ram and standby. This includes caring about setting up modules, services and a lot more.
Automatic cpu throttling depending on the current cooling policy
Full featured dbus implementation for communication with various clients like kpowersave, wmpowersave, or gkrellm-powersave. More to come...

What's New in This Release:

add function to library to query a string list property from hal
add more generic dbus functions
use more standart logging format
Fix wttyhx for distributions not calling the X server via a symlink called "X" but directly as Xorg or Xgl binary.
remove old unused code

Last updated on March 28th, 2007

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