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A simple file downloader that can be used as a data migration tool




Piddle is a small program in the vein of aria2 and wget.

Developer comments

I was unhappy with the usability of these two existing programs and was faced with needing to write something for my final project in my beginning programming class. Thus Piddle was born.


Piddle requires a few dependencies that are slated to be provided in a
future release.  You only need to install these dependencies manually if you
are using the current version of Piddle.

        Python Modules: progressbar

    To install progressbar, use pip2 or your package manager's version into your
PYTHONPATH.  All other imports are part of the standard Python installation for
most Linux distributions.

    Main program installation:

    To install Piddle, 'git clone' in your desired
installation directory (~/git/piddle is recommended).  Ensure that is
executable (as user, chmod +x and then symlink to /usr/bin/pydl
for convenience.  If the last step is not followed, you will have to cd into the folder
containing and run './' that way.

Basic usage:

        Most users will find the default behavior of Piddle to be just fine for everyday
use.  Default behavior means prompting via the terminal.  This is the method that
has seen the most extensive testing.  To run Piddle with the default settings, cd
into the directory where you have installed Piddle (most likely ~/git/piddle), ensure
that the filename "" is executable (as user, chmod +x, and execute
./  Follow the prompts and enjoy painless downloading.
Last updated on August 16th, 2012

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