Patch to ifstat 1.0

Patch to ifstat is a patch for the ifstat software to prevent scrolling.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 17
Joe Laffey
ROOT \ Utilities
Patch to ifstat is a patch for the ifstat software to prevent scrolling.

This patch is for ifstat, the wonderful GPL bandwidth utilization tool by GaŽl Roualland. The patch will provide a new command-line switch (-S) which can be used to disable the scrolling of the ifstat output, providing a nice, clean, one line info display. The patch was created against version 0.5 of ifstat. The patch was authored by me (Joe Laffey). So send complaints/praise about it to me.

This patch should be applied to a clean copy of ifstat 0.5. Note that this patch also provides a quick fix to allow ifstat to be compiled on Mac OS X (Darwin). To compile on OS X you will still need to use the --without-ifmib --with-kvm options to configure. The patch has been tested on Mac OS X 10.2, NetBSD 1.6, and Linux.

In order to maximize portability and speed this patch prevent scrollback by erasing the current line. Thus, if you have so many interfaces being displayed that they exceed one line it most likely will not work correctly. (This would be rare.) I am considering making a version that would use ncurses in order to display a "history" of usage much in the same way the unix "w" command shows the load avergaes over the last 1, 5 and 15 mins (depending on the system). So there would be three or so values diaplyed and updated for each interface. These would tell the network load average over the last N minutes. If you like this idea, please email me and tell me so.

How to use the patch:

∑ Expand a clean copy of ifstat 0.5
∑ cd to the directory that contains the newly expanded ifstat-0.5 directory
∑ Copy the patch file into the current directory and unzip it ("gunzip ifstat_no_scroll-1.0.gz")
∑ Apply the patch with "patch -p0 < ifstat_no_scroll-1.0"
∑ Then cd into the ifstat-0.5 dir and proceed as usual (./configure; make; etc...)
∑ Finally, run ifstat with the -S switch ("ifstat -S")

Last updated on February 6th, 2008


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