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An Open Source, free and lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager for your Linux system

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Parcellite (aslo known as Parcelle Lite) is a freely downloadable and open source graphical software implemented in C/GTK+ and designed from the offset to act as a stripped down, lightweight (basic-features-only) clipboard manager that is low on resources.

Designed for people with simplicity in mind

Being engineered for those who like simplicity, Parcellite keeps a clipboard history, offers several view options to display items the way you like it, and includes a daemon mode that guards the content of your clipboard when applications are closed.

In addition, the application provides global hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) that are very useful when you want to quickly display your items from clipboard. It is also possible to perform custom commands using clipboard contents.

Getting started with Parcellite

The application is available for download as native installers for Ubuntu/Debian-based distributions, supporting 32-bit and 64-bit computer platforms, as well as a source archive. It can also be installed from the main software repositories of major GNU/Linux operating systems.

After installation, start the program from the Accessories menu of your desktop environment. You should notice a new icon on the system tray area of your main panel. Click it to view recent clipboard entries, as well as to edit the clipboard by removing entries you don’t like or adding new ones.

How the software works?

The software runs in the background all the time and remembers every copy operation you do during your session. You can view all the copy operations by clicking on the application’s tray icon. Click an entry to copy it to the clipboard and use it (paste it).

Access Parcellite’s preferences by right clicking on the tray icon. There, you can edit actions and keyboard shortcuts, alter the application’s default behavior related to clipboards, history, etc., as well as display settings.

Parcellite was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 9th, 2015
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