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PSX2PSP is a complete converter tool for transfer your PSX games to your PSP.





PSX2PSP project is a complete converter tool for transfer your PSX games to your PSP with 3.03 OE-A, 3.03 OE-A' or 3.03 OE-B firmware.

With this tool you can make an image of your PSX discs, convert cd-image to NTSC if you need it and if you have wine correctly installed in your system.

Detect automatically the GameCode from cd-image and you can modify if you don't like.

You can select personal images for the game, icon and screen's background (recommended) the program generates an image with title and gamecode data automatically.

Now is included PDF to DOCUMENT.DAT function, you can make a manual for the PSX game from a pdf file or, too, from a directory contains the images for the manual, the images can be in any ImageMagick's format and in any resolution or size, the program adjust them.

You can configure the compression of PBP from menu and, for finish, program save the game in one forder with the gamecode name.

You can invoque the program from commandline psx2psp PSX_IMAGE_FILE or simple execute psx2psp

In the first execution the program ask you for the required files and configurations. The configuration file is in your $HOME directory with the name < .psx2psprc2 >, if you would like to change some configuration, delete it, and execute psx2psp normally.


kdialog (KDE)
ImageMagick (convert)
PdfToolKit (pdftoppm)
wine (optional)


compile popstation and docmaker, if you don't have them, enter in popstation src and docmaker

src and type

~.> make

Copy the binaries in some place in your $PATH (recommended in $HOME/bin)

Copy psx2psp, psx2psp.en and scripts in some place in your $PATH and in same folder, the only executable is psx2psp, the other two files are language files.

Copy background.png, background2.png and screenpsp.png in any place you would like, the script ask you later

Copy psx2pspicon.png in /usr/share/icons or in `kde-config --prefix`/share/icons or in $HOME/.kde/share/icons (recommended)

Copy psx2psp.png in /usr/share/icons if you want to use PSX2PSP.desktop

What's New in This Release:

Fixbug PDF/PS filter selection
Last updated on January 19th, 2007
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