PSWBTM is Pradu's Simple Winboard Tournament Manager.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Pradu Kannan
ROOT \ Utilities
PSWBTM is Pradu's Simple Winboard Tournament Manager.

PSWBTM project should be mostly intuitive so the instructions will only point out peculiar behaviours of the program.


All windows are resizable.

Engine Manager

The "save" button only updates the engine list you are editing; you will have to click "save as" to save the changes permenantly.

"Select Duplicates" selects all engines with the same name.
"Select Invalid" does not check java engines for validity.

You can "Import" from Toms's Simple Engine Manger produced winboard.ini files as well as PSWBTM export files.

"Export" will only export engines that exists inside the directory where the save file is located and it saves all paths as relative. This way you can move directories of engines from one computer/drive to another and update PSWBTM easily.

You can select multiple engines from the engine list.

New Tournament

PSWBTM allows engine updates during a tourney and therefore a pgn file which has the updated names will be placed in the Result Table PGN for the purpose of producing cross tables.

All debug files will be placed in the debug folder with the have the number of its respective game in the PGN.

NOTE: winboard.debug will show up in the PSWBTM folder not the Winboard folder.

Doubble clicking in the Available or Participants box will move engines to the other side. You can select multiple engines and use the move buttons as well.

Round Robin pairings done FIDE Berger style.

Pairings Tab

You can move the subdivision between the rounds list and pairings list. If you drag it all the way to the side of the window it will hide whichever window you wish (this might be useful for gauntlets). Pressing ctrl-S will show all windows again.

Controls Tab

First button is to start/pause the tourney. Tourney will be paused after the current game has finished.

Kill Pause forces winboard and the engines to quit and the game will be replayed when the tourney continues.

Abort stopts the tournament.

Round Pause automatically pauses the tourney every round.

Winboard Size and Location

If you want to change the size and location of winboard when a tournament starts up then do this:

1) Open the engine manager
2) Launch a quick loading engine
3) Resize/Move or whatever you want with the Winboard Client
4) Close winboard

During Tournament

When a tournament is paused, you can close and reopen PSWBTM and resume the tournament as if nothing happened.

When a game did not start PSWBTM will produce an error message and a prompt asking whether you want to pause the game.

This allows you to fix any problems that occur during a tournament.

Last updated on December 6th, 2006

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