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The PSF Tools are a set of utilities for manipulation of console fonts in PSF (PC Screen Font) format. PSF Tools project can be used to convert to and from other font formats.

The PSF Tools are an attempt to do something similar to NetPBM, for simple fixed-width bitmap fonts.

Here are some key features of "PSF Tools":

· The current release can convert the following formats to PSF:

· Raw (DOS-style) font
· Windows font (FNT, FON)
· Sinclair Spectrum +3
· MDA character ROM dump
· DOS/Linux codepages (CP, CPI)
· Hercules WriteOn (WOF)
· Plain text

and PSF to the following formats:

Raw font
Windows font (FNT, FON)
Hercules WriteOn (WOF)
DOS codepages (CPI)
Sinclair Spectrum +3
C include file
XBM image containing all characters
Single PBM image for each character
Plain text

What's New in This Release:

· Support has been added for conversion to and from BBC Micro soft fonts (sequences of VDU23 codes).
· Corrections have been made to the PPCGREEK and PPC860 codepages.
Last updated on April 12th, 2008
PSF Tools

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The PSF Tools are an attempt to do something similar to NetPBM.


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