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PNG Utilities REALbasic Plugin allows you to load and save PNG format images with or without transparency information.




PNG Utilities REALbasic Plugin allows you to load and save PNG format images with or without transparency information. Methods are also provided to deal with strings of binary PNG data, which is ideal when storing or retrieving images from databases, virtual volumes, zip archives, etc.

The PNG image format supports true-colour images with or without alpha channels, using efficient lossless compression. PNG images are ideal when small file sizes are desired without sacrificing image fidelity or transparency information. The PNG Utilities Plugin enables REALbasic developers to easily load and save PNG images, while seamlessly importing and exporting transparency masks.

The source code to PNG Utilities is provided free of charge, and may be used without credit. However, any changes to the source should be contributed back so they can be considered for inclusion in a future release.

NOTE: The libpng and zlib libraries are included under their respective license agreements, copies of which are included elsewhere in this distribution.


Place the PNG Utilities Plugin.rbx file included in the download into your REALbasic plugin folder and launch REALbasic. The plugin provides a PNGu module containing various methods. Please see the method reference document and the included example project for more detailed information.

NOTE: If you use Photoshop to create PNG files, do yourself a favour and download the free SuperPNG Photoshop plugin (available for Mac OS and Windows).


IMPORTANT: Linux builds dynamically link with libpng and zlib at runtime. PNG Utilities will not function without these libraries, but they are typically included with Linux distributions and no extra installation will be required under normal circumstances. The Mac and Win32 plugins are self-contained (i.e. statically linked libpng and zlib libraries are built into the plugin itself).

PNG Utilities can load any valid PNG file (true-colour, paletted, greyscale, etc.) but currently only saves true-colour 8bpp RGB and RGBA formats.

Gamma correction is applied destructively when loading a PNG image. This means that the original RGB data no longer exists within the REALbasic Picture object. To avoid gamma correction entirely always pass a gamma value of -1 when loading and/or saving PNG images.

Vector pictures (Pictures with Depth = 0) need to be converted to a bitmap before sending them to the Save/GetData methods.

Picture.Transparent flags are not converted to alpha channels when using the Save/GetData methods. Only Pictures with a valid Mask property will result in a PNG containing an alpha channel, but note that Masks should be grayscale for consistent results.

Masks in REALbasic treat black as opaque, while alpha channels treat


· REALbasic 5.5+

What's New in This Release:

· All: 16 bpp (48 & 64 bit) PNG images now load and display properly.
Last updated on February 11th, 2008

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