Open Mashups 0.8.8

User generated applications for the masses!

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What's new in Open Mashups 0.8.8:

  • A repository manager.
  • Auto-discovery of components catalogs.
  • Component testing. Fennec support.
  • Applications can run in a browser tab instead of a in separate window (see the General section of the preference window).
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GPL v3 
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Régis Debeau
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Open MashupsOpen MashupsOpen Mashups
Open Mashups - User generated applications for the masses!

A Mashup is an application that combines functionality or content from existing sources. These existing sources can be Web Services (through the use of API's), RSS feeds or even just other Websites (by screen-scraping).

A simple example of mashup

Imagine... that you have a nice online album photo on Flickr or Pikeo... you would like to personalize the access to your album by proposing any user to pick one of your photos and send it by MMS to a relative...

That's easy to do and it takes minutes !

Mash the Album photo service component with the Orange sendMMS public API, and there you are, you have created a new and distinct functionnality that was not originally provided by either service. You have created a mashup!

What is Open Mashups

Open Mashups is a unique solution that enables any creative user to simply design (no need to code), run on any device, and share its own mashups.
Open Mashups provides a complete graphical design, creation and sharing tool for mashups, that we call the Studio. The Studio comes along with a complete catalog of components, including Orange API's- that you can use to build your mashups.

With the Open Mashups Studio, you can pick the components of your mashups, mash them, and design the behaviour, the User Interface as well as the "look&feel". The Studio also includes a runtime engine so that you can try your mashup anytime during the design process.

The Studio is the front end of Open Mashups. The other important bit of Open Mashups is the transformation chain (e.g. the back end), that allows you to run your mashups on any device. That will be explained in the next section.

Last updated on December 16th, 2008


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