Open Allure 0.1d17

Voice-and-vision enabled dialog system

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What's new in Open Allure 0.1d8:

  • This version includes open/start commands to begin a new sequence from any input prompt.
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John Graves
ROOT \ Science
Open Allure is a voice-and-vision enabled dialog software.

Developer comments

Read the book, The Success of Open Source by Steven Weber, and you will understand that open source software is the precursor to open source knowledge.

Open Allure is a project aimed at developing new ways to share what we know with one another by permitting the collaborative creation and experience of interactive dialogs. These verbal exchanges give your interaction with the computer a very different quality and permit immediate feedback to help reinforce or reorganize your thinking. Because voice recognition is still imperfect, the interface also supports making choices by gesture: your webcam watches you as you raise your hand.

So with the same basic hardware (headset microphone and webcam) you might use with Skype, Open Allure offers you a conversation with your computer: it talks, it listens, it watches, it responds.

The script for this dialog is something anyone can create. The syntax is simple: just a question, a set of answers, responses to those answers and an indication of where to go next (one question ahead, two questions ahead ... or off to an entirely different sequence somewhere else on the internet). This makes the flow of questions potentially very learner-specific. Imagine lessons which find and focus on just the things you don't understand well.

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NOTE: Data about and involved in the development work is being recorded and collected for research purposes from your participation in this open source project and will be used in a PhD study of open source software development. Participation by individuals under the age of 21 is prohibited.

Last updated on May 13th, 2010


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