NavSys 0.0.9

NavSys application is a combined media player / GPS navigation application to be used in a vehicle.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Amaury Jacquot
ROOT \ Utilities
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NavSys application is a combined GPS navigation / media player application to be used in a vehicle.

The NavSys system generates GPS tracklogs that are then editable with the MapEditor application.


There are two ways to run navsys (and 2 binaries), using X or gtk-fb (frame buffer). Using gtk-fb may require that you modify gdk so as to not decorate the windows. The application will automatically take the full space available on the screen.

Check in the Makefile to enable or disable either X of frame buffer builds.

then, go in the src directory and type

$ make

to successfully compile navsys, you need to have

the glib, atk, pango, gtk+ and libart_lgpl libraries that are required for gnome2.

NavSys will only play .ogg files.

It currently uses a helper app called navsys-playogg to play music.

You need to create a file /etc/oggfiles that contain the absolute paths for your playlist (I generate it with "locate .ogg > /etc/oggfiles"

Next, you need to start the application from a script such as rc.local. note that

- you may want to run the application as root, as this allows navsys-playogg to raise it's priority, so as to obtain better audio performance
- navsys will create (at least) one file in the current directory (the tracksave.bin file that stores the tracks. you thus may want to change the current directory before starting navsys.
- navsys will need to load the two .png files from the current directory too, so you may want to have those in there too...

Last updated on March 2nd, 2006

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