NapKIN 0.0

NapKIN is a program for tracking sleep patterns.

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MIT/X Consortium License 
3.6/5 13
Michael Krelin and Leonid Ivanov
ROOT \ Utilities
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NapKIN is a software for tracking sleep patterns and imports its data from the Sleeptracker PRO watch via USB.

Developer comments

I am anything but a health freak. The words 'sleep hygiene' make me shudder. But ever since my old Timex datalink's sync stopped working (and it never worked with TFT panels, as far as I know) I felt uneasy about being unable to connect my watch to computer and reluctant to get a new watch, because I haven't seen anything remotely worth connecting.

And then I came across the Sleeptracker PRO (I think I'm supposed to note here, that the aforementioned title is a registered trademark of its owner, as if it's not obvious). It was no surprise that the watch lacked linux support. I have no windows machines around, so I thought I have to do some programming. And so I quickly hacked napkin together.

It is the very early beta and, in fact, the first GUI-enabled program I've written since '98 or so. I bet it needs some polishing, so any feedback is appreciated.

Last updated on May 18th, 2008

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