NPGPX 0.1.1

NPGPX is a Netscape plugin that can display routes, tracks, and waypoints from a GPX file.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Lars Luthman
ROOT \ Utilities
This is a Netscape plugin that can display routes, tracks, and waypoints from a GPX file. GPX (GPS eXchange) is an interchange format for GPS data.

You can publish your GPS data online, and other people can use this plugin to view the data. It supports zooming and panning.

The plugin is written primarily for Firefox on GNU/Linux, but it should work with other browsers that support Netscape plugins. It may or may not work on other operating systems.

Building and installing the plugin:

These build instructions are for GNU/Linux. They may work for other operating systems too, but I have no way to verify this.

This plugin uses the Qt GUI library, so you need to have a development package for Qt installed. It also uses the Qt Netscape plugin module, which isn't a standard part of the Qt library.

You will need to download and build this module yourself, see the Qt documentation for details.

Once you have installed this module, these commands should build the plugin:


This will create a library file ( and some links to that library file. Copy the library file to your plugin directory and rename it so it has an .so filename extension without any numbers, for example like this:

cp ~/.mozilla/plugins/

Now restart your browser and type "about:plugins" in the location bar. The GPX Plugin should be listed - if not, something went wrong. You can test your plugin by loading the test.html page (which should have been distributed with this file).

Last updated on October 12th, 2005

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