Megazeux 2.82b

Megazeux is a game creation system based on the classic ASCII text-based game ZZT.

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What's new in Megazeux 2.82b:

  • Important bug fixes.
  • MegaZeux now runs on the Wii and AmigaOS 4.x.
  • The hardware stretching renderers now have a couple of fixed aspect ratio modes.
  • The biggest feature of this release is the introduction of a portable network layer, which is currently being tested by the new built-in updater (F7/U).
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Megazeux Team
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Megazeux project is a game creation system based on the classic ASCII text-based game ZZT.

Megazeux is a game creation system inspired by ZZT, a game with ASCII graphics and a simple scripting language called ZZT-OOP. Megazeux expands on ZZT by having editable fonts and palette colors, a more flexible scripting language and gameplay, and support for MOD music in a wide variety of formats, while also supporting OGGs in later versions.

The original shareware release included the default game, Caverns of Zeux, but many of its users have created a wide variety of games for it which can be downloaded from the homepage. There are also contests as well, such as the semiannual Dualstream Day of Zeux (DSDoz).

Last updated on April 20th, 2009


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