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Mad Builder PDF Assembler allows you to merge several PDF files selected by a selection mask.




Mad Builder PDF Assembler is a software that allows you to merge several PDF files selected by a selection mask.

The merging may be ordered. The merging may take into account only certain enumerated pages of the original files.


· Historically mbtPdfAsm was created to quickly assemble simple PDF files (1 pages without options) on a server having to produce assembled PDF files. By heritage mbtPdfAsm thus does not seek to include/understand what it assembles. It is fast, but it is thus limited in what it is able to assemble, because certain assembly requires a reflexion, which it does not like to do because that slows down it.

· However, in a concern of satisfying the greatest number I progressively increase what mbtPdfAsm is able to manage.

· It however remains some of the more or less significant limitations according to your needs, and which technically can be summarized by saying that the following entries of Catalog are not processed: Version, PageLabels, ViewerPreferences, PageLayout, PageMode, Threads, OpenAction, AA, URI, Metadata, StructTreeRoot, MarkInfo, Lang, SiderInfo, OutputsIntents. The list is long and yet they are only options of which some cannot in any event of not being treated by a software of assembly, because of their traitment will appear conflicts between various PDF files to be assembled.

· As a conclusion, and for the moment, mbtPdfAsm is appropriate to you perfectly if you wish to assemble files resulting from a scanner, from a software of production of the type cutePDF, pdfWriter, FPDF scripts .... mbtPdfAsm is appropriate moderately in the case of 'rough works finely outlined'.
Last updated on August 30th, 2007
Mad Builder PDF Assembler

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