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Lutris Gaming Platform
Lutris is a gaming platform for Linux systems with similarities to:

* Steam and Steam Cloud
* Cedega / Play On Linux / Crossover Gaming / djl


* Automatialy download games from a FTP
* Keep your game saves safe in a local archive, on a FTP or on this Website
* Supported games run out of the box with fullscreen and joystick support
* Configure your joystick once for every emulator
* Support for many emulators : zsnes, sldmame, uae, epsxe, fceu and many more
* Support for native Linux games, and Windows games with wine or Cedega
* Management of Window Managers like compiz, kwin, openbox or metacity
* Management of sound systems (pulseaudio, alsa, oss)

Lutris has been tested on Ubuntu 9.10 and Debian Lenny (DebXO on the OLPC XO Laptop to be exact).

Running Lutris

The is currently no package for easy installation, to run lutris extract the archive and type:

cd src

The current version of Lutris supports:

 * Linux games
 * Windows games with Wine and Cedega
 * Games based on the scumm engine by LucasArt
 * Amiga games

Future version will support:

 * Arcade games
 * Atari Lynx
 * Atari ST
 * Amstrad CPC
 * Commodore 64
 * NES
 * Game Boy / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance
 * Nintendo 64
 * Nintendo Gamecube
 * Nintendo Wii
 * Sega Master System / Game Gear
 * Sega Megadrive
 * Sega Saturn
 * Sega Dreamcast

last updated on:
December 2nd, 2009, 11:47 GMT
developed by:
Claude Bulin
license type:
GPL v3 
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