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A powerful video digital coach application that allows users to go back in time!

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LongoMatch is an open source software project that acts as a video analyzer application designed especially for coaches to assist them on making live video reports from a match. It creates a database with the most important plays of a game grouped by categories to easily access them and to create new videos from the selected plays.

Features at a glance

The software allows users to record, edit, tag, draw, and review videos.  Users will be able to export their video playlists in several formats, edit all the game tags directly from the timeline, record, tag and analyze games in real-time.

Customizable and flexible for all sports

LongoMatch has been designed with all sports in mind, allowing the user to create custom templates that have an unlimited number of tagging categories, define custom subcategories, as well as to generate customized templates for your teams, which will contains detailed information about each player.

Features real time analysis

Another interesting feature is the ability to analyze recorder matches in real time or post-match. It supports a wide range of video file formats and it’s fuly compatible with IP cameras, Firewire and USB video capture devices, or any other capture device. Tagged events can be reviewed without stopping the capture, as well as to export them while still live analyzing the match.

Offers numerous other attractive features

Furthermore, the software is capable of exporting the analysis result in several formats, generate statistics reports, create video highlights, queue rendering jobs, tag trajectories and positions in multiple zones of the game field, view game statistics, and supports keyboard shortcuts.

Requires Mono, GTK+ and GStreamer

The application has been written in the Mono programming language and requires the GTK+ GUI toolkit for the graphical user interface and the GStreamer multimedia framework for interaction with video files.

LongoMatch was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on February 25th, 2015
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