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Loggerhead is a web viewer for projects in bazaar.





Loggerhead is a web viewer for projects in bazaar. It can be used to navigate a branch history, annotate files, perform searches, view patches, etc. It's originally based on bazaar-webserve, which is itself based on hgweb for Mercurial.


Bazaar >= 1.6

What's New in This Release:

Download a diffs between revisions. (Martin Albisetti)
Modified templates to make loggerhead's theme easier to change. (Paul Hummer)
Default sqlite interface is now sqlite3. (Robert Collins)
New ninja theme sponsored by Canonical (Martin Albisetti)
Added COPYING file and clarified copyright headers (John Arbash Meinel)
Remove the .py extension requiered by the Debian Policy. (Jelmer Vernooij)
New startup script serve-branches will serve Loggerhead without the need of configuration, and allow you to browse through directories and branches. (Michael Hudson)
Loggerhead is no longer a TurboGears application, but rather a WSGI application built using Paste (see http://wsgi.org/ and http://pythonpaste.org/ for more about WSGI and Paste).
URLs now use revision numbers instead of revision ids (Martin Albisetti)
The scripts no longer insist on Python 2.4 -- loggerhead works fine with 2.5.
Bazaar as of version 1.5 has improved in performance enough that the revision cache no longer gave any noticeable benefit, so it was removed (the files-changed cache is still useful).
The templates were rewritten in Zope's TAL markup, powered by the simpleTAL library -- improving both the performance and memory consumption of rendering by a factor of around 3 for large pages over the old Kid templates.
Loggerhead's poorly performing text index was disabled. bzr-search is now used if the plugin is installed and a text index is present on the branch being viewed. (Martin Albisetti, Robert Collins).
Loggerhead no longer depends on bzrlib functions deprecated in Bazaar 1.5 and removed in 1.6 (Martin Albisetti).
The daemonization code was made more regular, fixing bugs #139161 ("Starting loggerhead process may not close its stdin and stdout properly") and #211526 ("Codebrowse log directory has unnecessarily permissive permissions")
Some confusion about what the 'file_id' query argument means was cleared up: filter_file_id now means "filter revisions to those that affect this file" in all views and file_id means "examine this file/directory" in the annotate and inventory views.
Dates are present more compactly.
The loggerhead.conf file can specify which network interface to bind to (Mattias Eriksson)
Last updated on September 14th, 2012

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