Log Tool 1.2.8

Logtool is a command line program that will parse ASCII logfiles into a more palatable format.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Log Tool
Log tool is a command line program that will parse ASCII logfiles into a more palatable format.

It will take anything resembling a syslog or multilog file (this includes syslog-ng, and probably most of the other variants out there), and crunch it into one of the following formats for your viewing pleasure:

* ANSI (colorized for easy "at a glance" viewing)
* ASCII (for e-mail'ed reports, and term's that don't support color)
* CSV (for importing into your favorite spreadsheet/database)
* HTML (for generating web pages)
* RAW (for no good reason)

It can be configured to parse the data any one of several ways, including stripping the host, and/or program fields, and modifying the time display format of the log entry's.

It's additional features include support for config file based regular expressions to do everything from excluding/including certain log entry's (using both in conjunction you can create boolean searches), as well as color coding the ANSI and HTML output.

And of course there's a config file so you can define your defaults once, and not have to remember those pesky command line switches.

What's New in This Release:

Now speaks/converts TAI64 dates (IE: D.J.Bernstien's multilog and friends), so you can | a multilog file into logtool and get the same results you would expect from a syslog file.

Now can optionally suppress duplicate messages.

Now can support and colorize unknown logfile formats

Now can do really cool things with snort and iptables syslog entries (ip->hostname resolution, special colors, and more!)

Now has special options for a syslog-ng formated log.

Code architecture is VERY VERY VERY changed and better.
Light years better at error handling.
Nice facility to write more modules like snort and iptables.
Way more efficient (but not faster; too much new processing

And much much more!!!

Last updated on October 1st, 2005

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