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Linux Multimedia Box is an application for building multimedia Linux based devices.




Linux Multimedia Box is an application for building multimedia Linux based devices, similar to a PVR or set top box. XML is used for describing the user interface, and events and callbacks are in embedded Tcl.

Here are some key features of "Linux Multimedia Box":

Fully skinnable GUI interface system
Multi-threaded architecture
Tcl scripting language for all events and handlers (button click, page load etc.)
Control by mouse, keyboard, infra-red remote via LIRC
Wide range of image format support (with alpha transparency)
TrueType font support
MusicObject based on xinelib for playback any music formats supported by xine(mp3, wav, streams)
FileBrowser widget for displaying file system contents
Images zoom/rotate methods for photo albums or dynamic icons
SoundObject for sound effects thought SDL_mixer
VideoObject for movie playback through xinelib, can be launched in separate window or embedded in the main lmbox window, completely controlled by lmbox events
Default Tcl event script included with the skin which implements movies, weather, radio from Shoutcast, search and categories, hidden codes, screensaver-like album viewer.
Calendaring with scheduling, alarms can be popups, music or movie
Berkeley DB used for config and storage
TV listings from zap2it, refresh in the background
News from Yahoo
Contacts database with reminders
CallerID support using optional modem
TCP/IP/HTTP/UDP support for remote control and alerts
Embedded Mozilla browser (optional)


make install

What's New in This Release:

A lot of GUI events were added.
Sub-windows were added that can act as context menus.
A video player continue problem has been fixed.
Last updated on May 30th, 2006
Linux Multimedia BoxLinux Multimedia BoxLinux Multimedia Box

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