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Profile your programs interactively or offline
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Layer Profiler is a standalone or pure Python importable module to help you profile your programs interactively or offline. It is a single file which has no dependencies beyond PyGTK+. It hooks into your PyGTK, pyglet, or Pygame application with minimum fuss. The only dependencies are on Python 2.4 and PyGTK 2.12.

Layer Profiler is licensed under the GNU LGPL.

There are two ways to use the Layer Profiler. The first is to run it as a standalone executable. In this case the only thing it is capable of profiling interactively is itself. However, you can still load and search previously saved profiles. Or you can import it, start a GTK+ main loop, and instantiate a GProfiler window. It can then profile the application that started it.

Some convenience methods are provided to use GTK+ in your application.

Main features:

  • Multiple Profiles: The Layer Profiler uses a tabbed interface that allows for opening and recording multiple profiles at the same time.
  • Loading/Saving: You can save profiles to disk, and reimport them for browsing and comparing later. The original program is not required to browse saved profiles. The saved files are in the CPython marshal format.
  • Filtering: Profiles can be filtered, using "foo" to match and "!foo" to exclude.

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May 5th, 2009, 12:38 GMT
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Joe Wreschnig
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