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LATRIX is a fairly sophisticated web application for the recording of presence and attendance of staff and other people in a company. And you can use it. For a fee, naturally. Or, if you feel you are capable of running a site yourself, you can download it. Whatever you do, I promise, it will be well worth your time (pardon the pun).

The LATRIX was developed in close cooperation with a real company. For you, this means that it has a feature set that provides real value out of the box. And its user interface is so intuitive, you'll hardly ever need the documentation (but, of course, there is a manual).

Main features:

  • Simple presence recording:
  • There is no need for any special equipment when you start using the LATRIX. You can print barcoded ID cards for your staff (there is a report for this) and once you have set up a PC with an internet connection and a barcode scanner, they simply scan the barcode when the arrive at the company and when they leave. Clear messages on the screen prevent any misunderstanding. If you want a bit more sophistication, the LATRIX also supports magnetic stripe cards, but then you will have to invest a little more into hardware.
  • Attendance recording:
  • The LATRIX differentiates between presence (is in the building or on the grounds) and attendance (is actually working). In the simplest setup, both are recorded at the same time (see above). But presence and attendance can be recorded separately. This is very useful, if your company has multiple locations (see below) or if staff also spend recreational time on the premises. For attendance recording, employees can indicate to the system whether they are starting or stopping work, going on a break or coming back or whether they are transferring between sites.
  • Multiple locations:
  • The LATRIX supports as many company locations as you need. All you need to do is set up additional locations and enter the IP address under which the site is connected to the internet (don't worry, there is a helper page in the system that will tell which IP address you are coming from).
  • Multiple time zones:
  • For companies that are spread a little wider, the LATRIX will soon also support multiple time zones. In essence this means: it doesn't matter where in the world your company has an office, if you set up the office with the correct time zone, your employee's presence and attendance will be recorded and reported in correct local time. Even if they transfer between offices in different time zones.
  • Leave:
  • When the first prototype of the LATRIX was built, it became clear very quickly that any meaningful reporting was only possible if the system knew when employees were supposed to be at a particular place. In consequence, the LATRIX has a very simple, yet powerful feature set that allows employees to apply for leave (you can define as many different leave types as you need), and their managers to approve or decline these applications. Emails are sent out on each action so that everyone knows what's going on. The system allows the HR team to add leave allowances to each employee for each business year, and the LATRIX keeps track of how much annual leave each employee has left.
  • Public Holidays:
  • Naturally this only works if the LATRIX knows how to calculate the annual leave required for each application. So, we added a public holiday list (company wide), which is taken into account on all reports and all leave applications.
  • Block Periods:
  • And for those companies with heavy seasonal work load, we have added block periods. These are periods where either no annual leave can be taken at all or when all leave applications are escalated to the next level of management for approval.
  • Shifts:
  • So far, we have only covered companies where everybody starts at the same time and finishes at the same time. Well, most companies don't work that way. That's why the LATRIX can also handle shifts and shift patterns. The only limitation at the moment is that shifts cannot cross a day boundary (we'll do that when the first customer needs it).
  • Organizational structure:
  • Organizational models vary considerably from company to company. We have not even attempted to implement a model that could follow all those intricate details. The underlying organizxational model of the LATRIX is very simple: employees belong to teams and teams belong to departments. Each department has a manager (that's the one who can approve or decline leave). And here's the trick: the manager does not have to be a member of his own department. In fact, most of the time, (s)he will be a member of a mangement team (and the manager of that team/department is the one who approves the manager's leave). This should do the trick for pretty much every company.
  • Reporting:
  • This is where the real power of the LATRIX lies. And because of that, we have dedicated a whole separate page to this subject.
  • Options:
  • The LATRIX is highly configurable. There are at the moment 17 different options, and that's just the easy ones. Essentially every single view in the LATRIX can be heavily customised. Please refer to the manual for the details.

last updated on:
December 8th, 2009, 13:30 GMT
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GPL v3 
developed by:
Manticore Software
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What's New in This Release:
  • After quite a bit of toiling, this release should give you all finally something that will install out of the box, with a setup page. You do still have to install all the dependencies first, though. You can get this latest release from the download page. Enjoy!
  • And can I please ask the following: once you have it installed, please report back to me anything that doesn't work as expected or is missing. I would really appreciate if you could make the effort.
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