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Kricketscoreboard is a program for keeping score for cricket matches.





Kricketscoreboard is a program for keeping score for cricket matches. It also lets you to analyze the innings, batsmen and bowlers. For each ball delivered, the scorekeeper must mark in about 4 places in a specially designed scorebook. Done manually, this can lead to errors and incorrect scores. With KricketScoreboard, recording a delivery is as it is as simple as pressing one button; plus, it records more information that can be recorded in a cricket score book.

Here are some key features of "Kricketscoreboard":

Keep score for limited and unlimited overs
Analyze a completed innings
Record deliveries like, dot ball, no ball, byes, leg byes, runs, wickets etc.
Save match details like ground played at, umpires, bowling ends, overs played etc
Palette for scoring by just pressing a button
Saving and loading matches
Automatically rotate batsmen on scoring deliveries
Record events like when a batsmen or bowler retires
Bowler and batsmen statistics
Match summary and Fall of wicket stats
Undo last ball
Run graphs including a Manhatten graph
Over by over statistics
Auto save feature
Printing of scoresheets and graphs


kdelibs 3.1.x
qt 3.1.x
kdelibs-devel 3.1.x
qt-devel 3.1.x
gcc 3.2

What's New in This Release:

Shortcuts added to menu bar
Ball by ball commentry feature added
Last 12 balls history
Last updated on April 1st, 2008
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