KoolDock 0.4.7

KoolDock is a KDE project that aims to have a cool dock for KDE with great visual effects and enhancements.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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KoolDock Team
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KoolDock project is a KDE project that aims to have a cool dock for KDE with great visual effects and enhancements.

KoolDock is based upon the work of Dang Viet Dung, KSmoothDock 2.1.

Here are some key features of "KoolDock":

· Display quick launchers to your favourite apps
· A builtin task bar
· Pager and clock. (Not done yet)
· Smooth zooming effect (like Apple's OS X dock)
· Transparent Background


1. `cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type `./configure' to configure the package for your system. If you're using `csh' on an old version of System V, you might need to type `sh ./configure' instead to prevent `csh' from trying to execute
`configure' itself.

Running `configure' takes a while. While running, it prints some messages telling which features it is checking for.

2. Type `make' to compile the package.

3. Type `make install' to install the programs and any data files and documentation.

4. You can remove the program binaries and object files from the source code directory by typing `make clean'.

What's New in This Release:

· Improved icon positioning.
· Added 'Show only minimized' option.
· Disabled systray support.
· Improved drawing engine.
· Added speed control (modifies kooldock's animation time to make it closest to desired speed).
· Reduced CPU wakeups, when kooldock is inactive (should be 4-8 per second)
· Reorganised tabs in setting window.
· Added 'Apply' button in options window, improved settings applying speed.
· Added simple KBFX support (necessary kicker applet).
· Added automatic background refresh (on minimize/maximize/restore/activate window).
· Added similar task grouping.
· Minor fixes and improvements.

Last updated on September 24th, 2007

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