Knoppix_remoteconf 0.98b

Knoppix_remoteconf's goal is to allow users of Knoppix to save and retrieve the and config.tbz files via SCP.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Nathaniel M Nelson
ROOT \ Utilities
Knoppix_remoteconf's goal is to allow users of Knoppix to save and retrieve the and config.tbz files via SCP using Knoppix. These patches are for adding this functionality to /usr/sbin/saveconfig and /etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig.

First you must be prepared to remaster your Knoppix ISO. See the Knoppix customizing FAQ for instructions on how to do this.

Once you have the Knoppix source extracted onto a hard drive, patch the two files (/etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig and /usr/sbin/saveconfig). Then remaster CD or DVD and burn. It's that simple! :)

The knoppix-autoconfig patch basically adds 3 new cheatcodes:

"remoteconf=" Just use standard SCP command-line syntax (ex: user@host:directory/) and Knoppix will attempt to download the knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2 file (which contains the and config.tbz files) instead of looking for them on a floppy or other writable media.

"wepkey=" in case you have a wireless card and need to input a WEP key.

"rcid=" allows the transfer of knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2 with a specific id added. For example, if you were to put "rcid=knoppixbox", knoppix would attempt to download the file "knoppixbox-knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2".

NEW: I've added an option to "expert" mode so that one can configure their IP address(s) ahead of time instead of relying on getting IPs via DHCP. An example knoppix boot prompt:

"expert remoteconf=user@slackwarebox:knoppixconfigs rcid=newid"

This would allow manually entering an IP and then downloading "newid-knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2" from the "/home/user/knoppixconfigs/" directory on the "slackwarebox" machine.

The "saveconfig" patch adds an option to save the Knoppix config files and transfer them to a remote computer. It first compresses the and config.tbz files into a file called knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2 and then sends it via SCP to a directory you specify. It has the option of adding a special id to the knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2 in the form of "id-knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2".

What's New in This Release:

The "nobgdhcp" cheatcode was added to knoppix-autoconfig, which keeps the dhcpcd process from going into the background during bootup.
If it takes a while to get an IP from your DHCP server, this might be necessary for you so that there is enough time between getting an IP and getting knoppix_remoteconf.tar.bz2. /usr/sbin/saveconfig will now save your previous input when saving your configurations on a remote machine.

Last updated on September 10th, 2006

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