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CppSymbolViewer is a Kate Plugin that extracts and shows C/C symbols from source files.




CppSymbolViewer project is a Kate Plugin that extracts and shows C/C symbols from source files.

It consists in a dock panel (like file list or directory browser) where appear a list of symbols.

It can be showed/hided from the Settings Menu.

Plugins for Kate

helloworld: demo plugin, insert's "Hello World" into your document
htmltools: facilitates insertion of HTML tags
insertcommand: inserts shell command output into a document
openheader: opens .h for .c file and vica verca
projectmanager: create, compile and build a project inside Kate
textfilter: pipe your document throught a filter
xmltools: lists XML elements, attributes, attributes values and entities allowed by DTD

Plugins for Kicker

kolourpicker: picks color from anywhere and displays it's values
ktimemon: little app to display cpu, memory and swap info

Plugins for Konqueror

babelfish: cringes the current web page through babelfish for a rough translation
dirfilter: this allows Konqueror as file manager to filter the current directory display
domtreeviewer: display the document object model (DOM) in a dialog box
khtmlsettingsplugin: to quickly enable/disble Javascript, Java, Cache etc
kimgalleryplugin: Konqueror as file manager creates HTML files with a gallery of graphics file
kuick: allows to select a bunch of files and copy and move them really quick
sidebar/mediaplayer: small embedded mediaplayer
smbmounter: smbmount/umount samba shares
uachanger: quickly change the user agent so that you can browse hostile web sites
validators: validates a HTML or CSS file against W3's html validor
webarchiver: store a complete web page with pictures locally as a *.war file
fsview: Graphical Disk Usage KPart for inode/directory, only for local files.

Plugins for Noatun

alarm: a simple, customizable wakeup alarm
blurscope: a pretty fading monoscope
dub: A filesystem based playlist
luckytag: guesses tag information from the filename
nexscope: the ultra-customizable visualization
noatunmadness: a weird and annoying scope that moves your windows
pitchablespeed: pitchable playing speed
synaescope: a visualization
tippercanoe: a visualization
tyler: a psychodelic visualization, tunnel like

Scripts for KNewsTicker

fyensget.py: A Python script to retrieve news from the danish newspaper
"Fyens Stiftstidende". Take this as a motivation to write scripts for your local newspaper.
newsrss.pl: A nifty Perl script which you can use to have the most recent postings which appeared in a USENET newsgroup of your chance show up in the news ticker. Check the script for further details.
stock.pl: Use this Perl script to turn KNewsTicker into a stock ticker, check the script for information on how to define which symbols to monitor.

What's New in This Release:

Improved PHP parser (thanks to Gef)
Improved Fortran parser (thanks to Louis). Support on/off parameters display as well
ANSI C89 supported
key navigation now handles Return key press
Last updated on March 16th, 2008

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Kate Symbol Viewer PluginKate Symbol Viewer PluginKate Symbol Viewer Plugin

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