Kassie 0.3

Kassie (Kate Advanced Session Selector) is an applet meant to replace Kate's icon in your Kicker panel.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Kassie (Kate Advanced Session Selector) is an applet meant to replace Kate's icon in your Kicker panel. Kassie project has three purposes:

Session Selector

Click on Kassie's icon. The list of the available sessions (known by Kate) will be displayed in a popup menu. Select the one you want to open or access. An already running session is marked with an icon and a click on it will bring it to the foreground, including eventually its restauration and a desktop switch.

Drop Manager

You can drop files on Kassie's icon. A popup menu will appear to let you choose where these files will be opened: In one of the running sessions or in a new one to which you will have to give a name. This allows to drop files in any Kate's window, even if it is not visible, either because it is on another desktop, minimized, or non-existing yet.

Session Switcher

Click on Kassie's icon while holding Shift, Control, Alt or Meta. A popup menu listing all running instances of Kate --if any-- will appear. It allows you to jump from one session to another. This will automatically restore the window and switch the desktop if needed. You can also create a new named session from this menu.

All three menus contain the entry "Start Kate" that mimics the behavior of Kate's icon when you click it or drop files on it, i.e. it creates sessions without name --displayed as "(Anonymous)" by Kassie.



What's New in This Release:

The session selector/switcher is now a single menu which contains both the running sessions (if any) and the available sessions. You don't need to use the keyboard any more.
A cut-down version without drag and drop management is now available as KMenu extension.
Kassie now has its own icon.

Last updated on March 17th, 2007

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