KWallet Askpass Program

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Fetches your SSH passphrase from KWallet





KWallet Askpass Program fetches your SSH passphrase from KWallet and passes it to ssh-add.

During a normal KDE session one has to enter a lot of passwords. One password to open the session. A password is required to open the wallet. Passwords are required to sign emails. SSH sessions need passwords or one has to enter the passphrase to add the key to ssh-agent.

This short article shows how to get rid of the neccessity to enter one of these passwords. If you are using ssh with ssh-agent, it is possible to store the passphrase for SSH in a KWallet wallet. Therefore only the password for opening the wallet needs to be supplied. Additionally you are able to use a really cryptic passphrase for your SSH key, because it is now entered by KWallet.

I expect that you know what you do when you use the setup I describe here and that you know the security implications. If you do not know them do not use this setup.

I assume that you have already created your ssh keys and that the passphrase for the private key is really strong. I also assume that you have ssh-agent running as this is the case for a modern distribution.
Last updated on January 17th, 2012

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