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KPOPS Converter project is a complete converter tool for transfer your PSX games to your PSP.




KPOPS Converter project is a complete converter tool for transfer your PSX games to your PSP with 3.03 OE-A, 3.03 OE-A' or 3.03 OE-B firmware (for compressed EBOOTs).

It's based on Pops Converter by aeolusc & moon (thanks for your screenshot), in KDVDAuthorWizard (installer and program structure) and in my PSX2PSP script. With this tool you can make an image of your PSX discs, now with progress bar.

Detect automatically the GameCode from cd-image and you can modify if you don't like. You can enter TitleGame for Game and Saves.

You can select personal images for the game, icon and screen's background (recommended)

The program loads automatically existing pictures if you open a cd-image. Now the program include a graphical tool for generates an image with title and gamecode data automatically with personal fonts, colors and images. Included preview for all pictures.

Included PDF/PS to DOCUMENT.DAT function, you can make a manual for the PSX game from a pdf file or, too, from a directory contains the images for the manual, the images can be in any ImageMagick's format and in any resolution or size, the program adjust them.

You can configure the compression of PBP from program and, for finish, program save the game in one forder with the gamecode name.

In the first execution the program ask you for the required files and configurations. The configuration file is in your $HOME directory with the name < .psx2psprc2 >, if you would like to change some configuration, delete it, and execute KPops Converter normally.


· Kommander-executor
· kdialog (KDE)
· ImageMagick (convert)
· PdfToolKit (pdftoppm)
· cdrdao
· popstation (source code included and install automatically)
· docmaker (source code included and install automatically)

and PSP-PSX Hot Shots Golf 2 provided by Sony: You must have and rename EBOOT.PBP to BASE.PBP
and KEYS.BIN files.


You can use de Installer.kdmr for a correct installation.
The Installer make executables, copy necessary files in a correct place and creates a Desktop file in yout Media menú.

If you don't like, execute directly.

What's New in This Release:

· Fix bug in Make DOCUMENT.DAT function (now works in $TMPDIR)
· Now Make DOCUMENT.DAT function only requires PSX game code
Last updated on April 19th, 2007
KPOPS ConverterKPOPS ConverterKPOPS Converter

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