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KMap IME is a Java based Input Method Editor.




KMap IME is a Java based Input Method Editor. It enables the user to type any language/Unicode character. Using the kmap file format from Yudit it currently supports more than 100 different languages.

Here are some key features of "KMap IME":

enables input of all Unicode3 characters
support for Yudit's *.kmap input schemes
support for Simredo's *.kmp input schemes
dynamically re-loads/updates available schemes while running
easy to add/edit new schemes


Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher
the InputMethodHotKey tool from
and of course a Java application waiting for keyboard input, e.g. JEdit


download the newest version of KMap
extract the downloaded zip file into a new dir
change to the directory where you put the content of the zip
in this very directory double click the kmap_ime.jar or execute "java -jar kmap_ime.jar" (without the quotes) in a shell
copy the kmap_ime.jar file to a directory listed under "lib extension dirs"

If there is an older version of kmap_ime.jar please overwrite/remove it.

If you want to use the graphic user interface, then you have to copy the file kmap_ime_gui.jar into the same dir where you copied kmap_ime.jar

copy some files from the kmaps dir to a dir listed under "data dirs"
now setup a way to call the input methods:

a). download the newest version of Sun's InputMethodHotKey tool from
b). change to the directory where you saved the tool
c). in this very dir double click the "InputMethodHotKey.jar" file or execute "java -jar InputMethodHotKey.jar" (without quotes) in a shell
d). configure a shortcut


lunch a Java application
use the key combination that you have setup for calling the input methods
chose the input method KMap IME or KMap IME Simredo
choose a language / keyboard layout
write a letter

What's New in This Release:

added a resource friendly Express interface
converted data for simredo users
Last updated on February 7th, 2008

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