KLIMB is a tool that lets you to plan bike routes interactively on topographical maps of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Keith Vetter
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KLIMB (Keith's DeLuxe Interactive Map Builder) is a tool that lets you to plan bike routes interactively on topographical maps of the San Francisco Bay Area. You create a route by clicking on nodes marking key intersections or on the roads between the nodes. As you are building the route, it connstantly displays the total distance and climbing.

Here are some key features of "KLIMB":

Distance and altitude profile
Turn by turn detailed description of the route
Zoomed in maps
A 3-dimension plot of the route
Add annotations to the map
Print out the map and route
Keep a log of a ride
Export the route to a GPS device
Import tracks from a GPS device
View the road or node on Google maps



What's New in This Release:

New Maps - The maps that KLIMB used originally for the San Francisco Bay Area had one fatal flaw: their latitude and longitude coordinates were inconsistent with both the USGS maps and with Google maps. So, if you used the zoom feature and bent a road to match its course exactly, it would be displayed on the master map incorrectly. Version 4.0 now only uses maps from USGS. (This means, however, you must download again all the regions you're interested in.)
USGS Elevation - One exciting new feature in version 4.0 is the ability to query the USGS for the elevation of any point. If you combine this with the zoom feature you can precisely locate a node in all three dimensions: latitude, longitude and elevation. But the result is even better for roads. With zoom, add waypoints tracking the road along its true course. Then, with just one click, you can get the elevation for each waypoint. This can yield a very precise survey of the road.
Route Profile Labels - You can now optionally display node labels on the profile graph. This lets you better see where key points of the ride occur.
Hills Dialog - The new elevation data from the USGS now enables you to see all the individual hills along your route, and to find out how much it climbs in how much distance.
Google Earth - Google Earth is a really stunning piece of software. Now you can display your routes in Google Earth, and do sweeping zooms and worm's eye views.
Route Info Dialog - Want to know the biggest climb on your route, or how about the highest point? The Route Info dialoge will show you this.
Photo Markups - Suppose you want to share a fantastic ride you've just taken in which you've shot a lot of photographs. With the photo markup feature, you can add symbols to your route which will link to images stored on the the web. This way others can not only view your route but also see your photographs.
Mileposts - You toggle the display of mileposts positioned at intervals along your route.

Last updated on April 2nd, 2008

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