Java Access Bridge 1.26.1

Java Access Bridge connects the built-in accessibility support in Java Swing apps to the GNOME Accessibility framework.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
1.8/5 24
Bill Haneman and Louise Mille
ROOT \ Utilities
Java Access Bridge is a module for GNOME, which connects the built-in accessibility support in Java Swing apps to the GNOME Accessibility framework, specifically the Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI).


bridge: directory contains the Java Bridge component which is
automatically loaded into each JVM invocation because
of an entry in the file in

($JRE_HOME is usually $JDK_HOME/jre).

idlgen: directory into which the auto-generated java wrappers
for the org.gnome.Accessibility and org.gnome.Bonobo
IDL are written by the Java IDL compiler, 'idlj'.

impl: directory where the implementation code for the
Java Accessibility Bridge for GNOME resides. This
code implements the Java Accessibility API AT-SPI
interfaces on behalf of Java programs which implement
the Java Accessibility API (JAAPI) internally;
i.e. this implementation code wraps the JAAPI
accessibility implementation and exports it via CORBA
to the bonobo-based GNOME Accessibility
Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI)


(1) obtain the bridge via CVS checkout or unpacking a distribution tarfile.
(2) If you obtained java-access-bridge from GNOME CVS:

run ./ in the java-access-bridge directory (this directory), optionally specifying the "prefix" into which your GNOME 2 installation resides (e.g. /opt/gnome-2.0).

./ --prefix=/opt/gnome-2.0

You may optionally include a java_home environment variable:

./ --prefix=/opt/gnome-2.0 --with-java-home=/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.0

(2a) If you obtained the java-access-bridge via a tarfile,
run "./configure" in this directory with options as above.

(3) run make to build gnome-java-access.tar. You will need
a Java Virtual Machine version 1.4.0 beta4 or higher.

(4) run make install.

(5) before running a Java program with the Java Access Bridge, you will need to make sure that your GNOME 2 installation enables CORBA traffic over IP from the ORBit2 ORB. Do this by including the following line in a file, ".orbitrc" in your home directory:


You also need to modify your Java runtime environment to include gnome-java-bridge.jar in $JRE_HOME/lib/ext and in $JRE_HOME/lib. The best way to do this is to create symbolic links from ${prefix}/share/jar/gnome-java-bridge.jar to the "jre/lib/ext" directory and from ${prefix}/share/jar to the "jre/lib" directory, where $prefix is the directory you specified in; the default value is "/usr/local".
A typical $JRE directory, if "which java" returned /usr/j2sdk1.4/bin/java, might be /usr/j2sdk1.4/jre.

Last updated on June 5th, 2009

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