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A comparison tool for Jar and Zip files




Jarcomp is a free and cross-platform comparison tool for Jar files and Zip files.

If you have two jar files or two zip files, it will show you what the differences are in the contents. It shows which files have been added, which have been removed, and which are present in both archives. If a file is found in both, it will tell you whether the file has grown bigger or been reduced in size, or if it's the same size in both. If it's the same size, an md5 checksum can be made for both files to see whether they're really the same contents or just the same size.

This tool is based on java, so you'll need a java runtime (at least version 5) in order to run it.


Before you run it, download the jar file above and save it to your machine.

This checker tool runs using a standard java gui. Depending on your system settings, you should be able to just double click the jar file to run it, or right-click and select to run it. Then the tool will prompt for the two files to compare.

You can also run it from the command line, just by giving the path to the jarcomp.jar file:

java -jar jarcomp_01.jar

Or you can also give it the two files to compare straight away:

java -jar jarcomp_01.jar file1.jar file2.jar
Last updated on October 12th, 2009

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