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An Open Source project that allows users to quickly create limited user accounts in a chroot jail

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Jailkit is an open source and freely distributed software project that comprises of various command-line utilities for limiting standard user accounts in a Linux kernel-based operating system to specific commands and/or files.

What tools are included?

In other words, system administrators can use the tools included in the Jailkit package to easily and quickly limit user accounts to certains files/folder or Linux commands by using the chroot jail implementation. The jk_chrootlaunch, jk_lsh, jk_chrootsh, jk_uchroot, and jk_socketd tools are included in the package.

Effortlessly set up a chroot shell

With Jailkit, you will be able to effortlessly set up a chroot shell or a daemon inside a chroot jail. It can be easily used on CVS (Concurrent Versions System) servers, SFTP (Secure FTP) or SCP (Secure Copy) servers, as well as on standard GNU/Linux and UNIX-like servers.

This software can also be used to jail daemon processes, such as Apache servers, Squid proxy servers, and even BZFlag gaming servers. It has been successfully tested on GNU/Linux distributions supporting either of the 32 or 64-bit hardware platforms.

Getting started with Jailkit

To install and use the tools included in the Jailkit package, you must download the latest release from its official website or via Softpedia using the download section above, save the archive on your Home directory, and use your favorite archive manager utility to uncompress it.

Then, you must open a Terminal app, go to the location where you’ve extracted the archive file (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/jailkit-2.17) and run the ‘./configure && make’ command to configure and compile the programs.

After a successful compilation operation, you will have to run either the ‘make install’ command (if you’re root) or the ‘sudo make install’ command (if you’re a privileged user) in order to install the tools system wide.

Jailkit was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 30th, 2015

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