JPathReport 1.2.3

JPathReport enables you to understand how much space the packages and classes consume in your Java class path.

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JPathReport enables you to understand how much space the packages and classes consume in your Java class path.

JPathReport can also help you find class paths problems. JPathReport analyses your class paths and collects several statistics which you can view as overview charts and details tables.

This is ad- and nag-free uncrippled binary multi-platform software that is free of charge and that never expires.

Here are some key features of "JPathReport":

JPathReport provides several views for understanding different aspects of your Java class path.

Size Views

The size views quickly show you how much space the classes and packages consume on your class path. The size pie chart is probably the best to find monster packages. You can switch to the table view and toggle the display of classes to get more detailed information about a package.

Top 100 Lists

These tables show the list of 100 largest classes, least recently modified classes, and most recently modified classes. This is a good place to find large and obsolete classes.

Size Distribution

The size distribution views help you to learn more about the different class sizes that exists on your class path. Look at these views to check whether the size distribution is what you expected it to be.

If you are in 'Show class size' mode, you can see how much space is consumed by large, medium sized, and small classes. In 'Show number of classes' mode, you see how many classes are large, of medium size, and small.

Modified Distribution

The modification distribution views provide you with information about when how much space and how many classes have been modified.

Scan Summary

The scan summary provides information that have been collected during the scan of your class path. It contains class path warnings, and errors, if there are any.

Last updated on January 13th, 2006


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