JMTPSynchronizer 1.0 Beta 6

JMTPSynchronizer is a very simple interface for adding, deleting and retrieving content from your MTP device.

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GPL v3 
2.9/5 8
Arun Gopalan
ROOT \ Utilities
JMTPSynchronizer is a very simple interface for adding, deleting and retrieving content from your MTP device, with a Linux desktop. The software has a front-end written in Java and a back-end written in c++. It has been written and tested on Ubuntu and can be used in it.

It can possibly be used in other Linux distributions, but it hasn't been tested. In case you downloaded and used it in a distribution other than Ubuntu then please inform me.

JMTPSynchronizer is written in my leisure time and currently has very poor code quality (especially the back-end written in C++). I have programmed a lot in Java but am very new to C++ and so I haven't followed any proper coding conventions or good guidelines in writing the back-end. However, now that I have realized that it actually works quite well, I am working on cleaning up the code.

If you are interested in improving or making changes in it then please wait for now while I finish cleaning it up. I will soon release another version, which has proper code documentation and follows proper conventions.

How do I install it?

Installing JMTPSynchronizer involves two things.

Installing the back-end API (command line mtpsyncxml) which it uses to interact with MTP device.
Installing the Java front-end which calls the back-end API.


· libmtp
· libxml
· Java Runtime Environment

What's New in This Release:

· Completely rewrote the installer so that it works on a new ubuntu gutsy installation. Installation is really easy just involves running a provided script.
· Added menu option for "checking for upgades".
· Allowed maximizing window - Works only with IcedTea java. Sun java is buggy with BorderLayout.
· Compared duration of the song and update it in the mtp device. Unfortunately, first synchronization with this will sync all the files
· Other minor cosmetic improvements.

Please use and give me feedback! I am seeing some downloads but no feedback. I know it is not great at the moment, but I am working on it whenever I get time.

Last updated on December 9th, 2007

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