InfView 0.2.8

InfView is an easy to use info viewer.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.9/5 15
Salvador E. Tropea
ROOT \ Utilities
InfView is an easy to use info viewer. The command line have the most relevant options provided by info and the user interface is much more intuitive. It makes InfView a very good replacement for the info-standalone program. The main objective of InfView is to give to the user a friendly and easy to learn tool to browse the documentation found in info format. This format is used by the FSF for all the major tools and of course is used by djgpp.

The old info program was designed as a flexible UNIX tool so it have some features you won't find in InfView, as an example: InfView doesn't have options to write a documentation chapter to the standard output so you can capture it and display in other program. InfView was designed as an interactive tool instead.

InfView uses overlapping windows (real windows, not "screens"), fully supports mouse, have pull-down menus and pop-up windows, etc. As the name says the emphasis is in the visual component.

Unless graphical implementations the program is relative small and quite fast (263Kb installation for the first release, I know about one Win32 implementation that needs over 5Mb and eats more than 5Mb of memory thanks to the run time of some visual script language from Redmond that I won't name here).

I started to develop InfView in 1996 to add help to RHIDE. It was a big step for RHIDE. My next contribution was a text editor. Currently the editor is also distributed as an standalone program and of course have InfView as help system. I created a standalone InfView because many users asked for it. The advantages of an standalone program are:

Smaller memory requirements.
Specialized command line.
Specialized menus.
Specialized features (example: InfView windows are tileable)

Last updated on February 3rd, 2008

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