GrabCartoons 2.8.1

GrabCartoons is yet another comic-grabbing utility.

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What's new in GrabCartoons 2.8.1:

  • Bug fix release, there was a bug in the handling of page-region capture that was leading to capturing the full page under certain circumstances.
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Z. Zamboni
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GrabCartoons is a comic-summarizing utility. GrabCartoons is modular, and it is very easy to write modules for new comics.

Note: To avoid depriving free comic web sites of their well-deserved traffic, grabcartoons does not download the comics to the local machine. Instead, it creates a page with links to the comics at their original locations. Therefore, when a page generated by grabcartoons is viewed, the comics are downloaded from their original pages and not from local copies. Furthermore, the link to the graphics are extracted from the comics' web pages, which grabcartoons downloads when it runs. Finally, each comic in a grabcartoons-generated page is a link to the original web page.

Here's the list of comics for which we currently have modules:

� Achewood (achewood)
� Adam @ Home (adam_at_home)
� Alien Loves Predator (alien_loves_predator)
� Angst Technology (angst_technology)
� Calvin and Hobbes (calvin_and_hobbes)
� Cathy (cathy)
� ChoppingBlock (choppingblock)
� Chugworth Academy (chugworth)
� Dick Tracy (dick_tracy)
� Diesel Sweeties (diesel_sweeties)
� Dilbert (dilbert)
� Doonesbury (doonesbury)
� Dr. Fun (dr_fun)
� Purdue Exponent (exponent)
� The 5th Wave (fifth_wave)
� Foxtrot (foxtrot)
� Garfield (garfield)
� Glasbergen (glasbergen)
� Goats (goats)
� Helen (helen)
� Irregular Webcomic (irregular)
� Irregular Webcomic (irregular2)
� Jenny Jetpack (jenny_jetpack)
� The Joy of Tech (joy_of_tech)
� Kevin and Kell (kevin_and_kell)
� Legostar Galactica (legostar_galactica)
� Liberty Meadows (liberty_meadows)
� Little Gamers (little_gamers)
� MacHall (machall)
� MegaTokyo (megatokyo)
� Mother Goose & Grimm (mother_goose)
� 9 to 5 (nine_to_five)
� Non Sequitur (non_sequitur)
� Oddly Enough (oddly_enough)
� Penny Arcade (penny_arcade)
� Piled Higher and Deeper (phd)
� pVp (pvp)
� Real Life Adventures (real_life_adventures)
� Red Meat (redmeat)
� Rose is Rose (rose_is_rose)
� Schlock Mercenary (schlock_mercenary)
� Sinfest (sinfest)
� Sluggy Freelance (sluggy_freelance)
� Toothpaste for dinner (toothpastefordinner)
� User Friendly (user_friendly)
� Ziggy (ziggy)

Last updated on June 2nd, 2011

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