GPM 2.0

A mouse server for the console and xterm.

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What's new in GPM 2.0:

  • A new HMI, using GWT technology, is now available instead of the previous one.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 26
Nico Schottelius
ROOT \ Utilities
GPM, short from General Purpose Mouse, is a mouse server for the console and xterm, with sample clients included (emacs, etc).

The GPM (general purpose mouse) daemon tries to be a useful mouse server for applications running on the Linux console. Its roots are in the "selection" package, by Andrew Haylett, and the original code comes from selection itself. This package is intended as a replacement for "selection", to provide additional facilities. From 0.18 onward gpm supports xterm as well, so you can run mouse-sensitive applications under X, and you can easily write curses applications which support the mouse on both the Linux console and xterm. The xterm code is portable to any U*x flavour (look at sample/README).

The first clients have been "The Midnight Commander", by Miguel de Icaza and an emacs library included in this release. Recent dialog distributions and the Jed editor use GPM as well, and the same do several custom applications.

There are still some new features to add (f.i. clean devfs support). Some of gpm's code needs a cleanup.

If you want to make a patch to GPM, please read doc/HACK_GPM.

Last updated on October 14th, 2010

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