GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin

GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin is an Eclipse CDT-managed build extension for the GNU ARM toolchain.

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What's new in GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin

  • Discovery Options implemented for all toolchains. (Note: be sure you update to CDT 5.0.2, on 5.0.0 support for Discovery is buggy).
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 28
Wilfried Holzke
ROOT \ Utilities
GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin software is an Eclipse CDT-managed build extension for the GNU ARM toolchain.


The recommended way is to use the Eclipse standard update mechanism:

Help -> Software Updated -> Available Software -> Add Site ->

The alternate solution to the online site is to download the archive and to to point the Eclipse update mechanism to it (Help -> Software Updated -> Available Software -> Add Site -> Archive).

A quick and dirty way is to extract the plug-in .jar file from the downloaded archive and to copy it to the .../eclipse/plugins directory.


- Eclipse 3.4
- CDT 5.0.2 (!)
- Java JRE 1.5
- Cygwin (note: although CodeSourcery provides cs-make, if the sources are organized in subdirectories, like 'src', the generated makefiles require additional shell support, so having Cygwin in the build path is a good choice).

Implementation notes:

Supported toolchains:
- The CodeSourcery G++ Lite on Windows (arm-none-eabi-gcc)
- The CodeSourcery G++ Lite on Linux (arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc)

- GNUARM and derivatives on Windows (arm-elf-gcc)
- GNUARM on Linux (arm-elf-gcc)
- GNUARM on Mac OS/X (arm-elf-gcc)

Supported project types are:
- applications (.elf, .hex)
- static libraries (.a)

The processor type can be selected for all tools in the "Target Processor" section.
Creation of .HEX file, listing file and size report can be controlled from the "Additional Tools" section.

Debugging options for all tools were moved to a common "Debugging" section.

The assembly step is now done with the more general 'gcc' instead of 'as'.

Similarly, the link step is done by 'gcc/g++', instead of 'ld'.

Last updated on July 1st, 2009


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