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The default mathematical and arithmetical calculator for the GNOME desktop environment

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GNOME Calculator is an open source application that provides users with a straightforward way to do basic arithmetic operations and solve complex mathematical equations under the GNOME desktop environment.

Designed for GNOME

As its name suggests, the application is distributed as part of the GNOME project. Actually, it is the default calculator of the GNOME desktop, allowing users to quickly solve various mathematical problems. It can also be installed as a standalone program on other open source desktop environments.

Uses standard mathematical notation

It uses standard mathematical notation and can be used by anyone for simple mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiply, or divide, as well as for powerful mid-level mathematics, such as fractions, integers, etc.

The software loads fast and it's very responsive to input. It's fully accessible, well documented, and deeply integrated into the GNOME desktop environment, allowing users to quickly change its interface mode.

Provides four different view modes

Four different modes are provided, Basic, Advanced, Financial, and Programming. The Basic mode is the default one, what users see when they open the applications for the first time, allowing only basic arithmetic operations.

The Advanced mode will provide users with more complex mathematical functions, such as automatic conversion between numerous angle, length, area, volume, weight, duration, temperature, and currency units.

In addition, it includes subscript, superscript, scientific exponent, modulus divide, cosine, sine, tangent, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic tangent, factorial, inverse, absolute value, exponent, root, logarithm, natural logarithm, imaginary component, complex conjugate, real component, factorize, Euler’s number, Pi, and other additional functions.

The Financial mode comes with a built-in currency converter and features exponent, root, logarithm, compounding term, double declining depreciation, future value, gross profit margin, periodic payment, present value, periodic interest rate, straight line depreciation, sum of the years digits depreciation, and financial term functions.

Lastly, the Programming mode is the most complex one and includes modulus divide, boolean AND, boolean OR, boolean exclusive OR, boolean NOT, Ones’ complement, Two’s complement, root, logarithm, factorize, factorial, natural logarithm, exponent, truncate, absolute value, inverse, integer component, fractional component, superscript, subscript, and many other functions.

GNOME Calculator was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on June 21st, 2015
GNOME Calculator - The main window, where users can do basic and advanced mathematical calculations

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