GGZ Gtk+ games collection / 0.99.4

GGZ Gtk+ games collection is a collection of free online games for the Gtk+/GNOME desktop.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 18
Josef Spillner
ROOT \ Utilities
GGZ Gtk+ games collection is a collection of free online games for the Gtk+/GNOME desktop.

The Gtk+ games collection of the GGZ Gaming Zone project includes the extensible GGZCards framework, Chess, Reversi, Chinese Checkers, Hastings1066 and other games which can all be played online.

The following games have been created by the GGZ Gaming Zone developers:

KDE games collection:

· KTicTacTux (TicTacToe engine)
· KDots (Connect The Dots engine)
· Fyrdman (Hastings1066 engine)
· KReversi (Reversi engine)
· Koenig (Chess engine)
· KCC (Chinese Checkers engine)
· Krosswater (Krosswater engine)
· Mühle (Mühle engine)
· Keepalive (Keepalive engine)

Gtk+ games collection:

· TicTacToe (TicTacToe engine)
· Dots (Connect The Dots engine)
· Hastings1066 (Hastings1066 engine)
· Reversi (Reversi engine)
· Combat (Combat engine)
· Chess (Chess engine)
· Chinese Checkers (Chinese Checkers engine)
· NetSpades (NetSpades engine)
· GGZCards (Bridge, FortyTwo, Hearts, LaPocha, Spades, Suaro, Sueca, Whist engines)

SDL games collection:

· TTT3D (TicTacToe engine)
· Geekgame (Geekgame engine)

SDL/Python games collection:

· GGZBoard (Reversi, Chess, Go, Checkers, Hnefatafl, ConnectX, (Ludo, Arimaa) engines)
· Xadrez Chinês (Chinese Chess engine)
· Escape/SDL (Escape engine)

Other GGZ game clients:

· Guru-TTT (TicTacToe engine)
· Guru-Chess (Chess engine)
· TTTXT (TicTacToe engine)
· Escape (Escape engine)
· ConnectX (ConnectX engine)
· GGZ-Java (a multitude of game engines)

The following games are not part of GGZ, they're developed externally:

· External games:
· Kamikaze (Kamikaze engine)
· PyKamikaze (Kamikaze engine)
· Tuxman (Tuxman engine)
· T.E.G. (T.E.G. engine)
· Go/CGoBan (Go engine)
· Widelands (Widelands engine)
· Freeciv (Freeciv engine)
· Freelords (Freelords engine)
· Batalla Naval (unmaintained)
· XTux Arena (unmaintained)


· GTK+ version 2.4.x
· libggz
· ggz-client-libs packages

What's New in Stable Release:

· About twenty bugs which have been found for over a year are now fixed.
· Several translations in ggz-client-libs and ggz-gtk-client were taken from the GNOME games project and integrated.
· Toolchain support, in particular on Solaris, has been improved.

What's New in 0.99.4 Development Release:

· A new KDE 4 package was added which contains multiplayer libraries, tools, and some example games, including a Plasma widget.
· On the server side, registration policies are now implemented.
· The database modules were improved.
· Statistics can now be queried continuously in real-time through shared memory, in addition to database lookups.
· The community Web portal got a configuration wizard and can now produce SVG tournament maps.
· C libraries were cleaned up and their symbol count was reduced with linker maps.

Last updated on July 14th, 2008

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