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GARNOME is a build utility for the GNOME Desktop.




GARNOME began as a project to allow users to build the GNOME desktop, without falling victim to the depravities of CVS, non-standard build tools and other forms of co-dependance.

Based on the GAR ports system developed by Nick Moffitt. It builds the latest GNOME Desktop tarball releases, and includes extra GNOME 2.x software to provide users with a comfortable and complete desktop environment.

GARNOME is more than just the basic GNOME desktop. The developers have built a fully configurable, customisable and usable desktop environment that can be installed directly into a users home directory.

This allows people who are running older distributions, or who are using corporate desktops to use an interface that is both attractive and current, while not affecting the underlying operation of their existing desktop.

Build Requirements

In order to successfully build a basic GNOME desktop using GARNOME, you will need to have the following basic tools installed on your machine:

· a shell (preferably bash)
· wget (required to download the tarballs)
· gzip and bzip2 (required to extract the tarballs)
· binutils, gcc, g++, make (required to compile)
· bison, flex, gettext, diff, patch
· autoconf, automake, libtool

Depending on what sections of GARNOME you are interested in, you may also need the following additional packages:

· fam (required to compile gnome-vfs)
· bzip2-devel (required to compile gnome-vfs)
· samba (required to compile gnome-vfs)
· libpng, libjpeg, libtiff (required to compile nautilus)
· db4-devel (required to compile evolution)
· krb5-devel (required to compile evolution)
· openldap-devel (required to compile evolution)
· gnutls (required to compile vino)
Last updated on September 25th, 2008

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