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FindDupes is a cross-platform command-line utility to locate duplicate files.




FindDupes is a simple utility which can be used to assist in locating duplicate files anywhere on your system. It is written for the Java 2 Platform so it may be used under any operating system which supports J2SE.

At the moment there are no configuration options. FindDupes will simply scan the directories passed to it on the command-line recursively and report any files that have matching size and MD5 signatures.

At this time, FindDupes appears to be working correctly for the author. Since this is an early release, it has not been tested against many platforms, and it is possible that bugs exist. Likewise, in the future it is likely that features will be added to enhance this utility, perhaps a GUI interface.

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are welcome and encouraged.

Here are some key features of "FindDupes":

Recursive directory checking. All subdirectories are automatically scanned
Any number of directories may be scanned. Simply pass them in the command line
Cross-platform. Will run on any OS supporting the Java 2 platform
Released as free, open source under the GPL GPL


Java 2 Platform Runtime Environment
Last updated on November 28th, 2010

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