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Fedora Core Linux Utilities (futil) is a set of utilities for Fedora Core Linux that provide easy command-line access.




Fedora Core Linux Utilities (futil) is a set of utilities for Fedora Core Linux that provide easy command-line access for switching wireless profiles, resyncing of the clock after resuming from suspend, display of processes associated with a specific pty, backup of system config files, a keyword-based frequently-used app launcher, and more.

Fedora Core Linux Utilities package includes code for scripts, stand-alone tools, templates, and useful examples to make using a Fedora Core Linux system more productive and efficient.



A Perl script, which lists the supplied tokens and their lengths in descending order.


biggest a, bb, ccc, dddd, eeeee, ffffff, ggggggg, ...

Output will look like the following:

7 ggggggg
6 ffffff
5 eeeee
4 dddd
3 ccc
2 bb
1 a


A Perl script, which creates comment header templates, sometimes including some prototype code, for various coding types including .c, .cpp, .exp (expect), .java, .php, .pl, .pm, .py, .sh, and .tcl.

Note: If the named file already exists, the header template will be prepended to the existing file content.

If the file doesn't exist, then it's created, with the header template content at the beginning

In both cases, the resulting file is brought up in $EDITOR automatically.


create example.pl

Creates a Perl-style comment header for the "example.pl" file, and opens it in $EDITOR.


Writes an HTML page to stdout that describes the local PHP installation in great detail.


A Perl script, which writes a scale or comment line to stdout. It's useful for constructing aligned text or comment blocks in your code on the fly. It recognizes various programming language commenting styles, when you supply the relevant file extension on the command line (see Example below for the supported extensions). If no extension is given, a simple 80-char scale line, like the following, is output:

1---+----1----+----2----+----3----+----4----+----5----+----6--- ...


scale [.c|.java|.php|.pl|.sh]

What's New in This Release:

· This is a large update. Interoperability was improved as much as possible, so many of the scripts will run on Fedora, Ubuntu, and Cygwin.
· See COMPATIBILITY.txt for details.
· Install and uninstall shell scripts were added.
· The following scripts were added: fnedit, fwlog, installmod, pushxauth, shellfns, and sortbyid.
· mntsmbfs was renamed to mntshare.
· Various bugfixes and enhancements were done.
Last updated on June 14th, 2006

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